Welcome to the inlingua Student Information and Resources section of the inlingua Florida website. You will find important announcements and official information for students here. We are glad that you have chosen inlingua to help you meet your language training, test preparation and translation and interpreting needs.

Important Announcements

Changes to inlingua Intensive English Programs starting on February 26, 2018


inlingua Student Handbook

All inlingua students and prospective students should familiarize themselves with inlingua’s policies and procedures as they relate to students. The inlingua Student Handbook includes student policies, procedures and other important information and resources. Please download the latest version of the inlingua Student Handbook.

Transcript Requests

All inlingua students may request that inlingua issue an official transcript of their language studies (all transcripts are issued free of charge and there is no limit to the number of transcripts a student may request). To request an official transcript, please contact your center director or assistant director.

Contacting inlingua

You can find the contact information for all nine inlingua Language Centers in the state of Florida by clicking here.

Student Advising (Personal, Academic, and Immigration)

inlingua center directors and assistant directors are available during regular business hours to assist students with personal, academic, and immigration advising. Students may also make an appointment with their center director or assistant director for advising, as needed. inlingua center directors and assistant directors are able to refer students to appropriate professional service providers or programs when it is deemed necessary.

This is a free student service provided by inlingua. However, when inlingua refers students to outside parties, those parties may charge fees for their professional services that the student is responsible for paying (for example: attorney fees, college application fees, etc.).

Official Student Complaint Policy

inlingua strives to provide excellence in all our language training, test preparation and translation and interpreting services and therefore highly values feedback from our clients. We strongly encourage you to freely express your views and opinions to inlingua instructors and administrative staff and we welcome your comments and suggestions as well as any complaints you may have.

Providing feedback or suggestions to inlingua

If you would like to provide feedback or suggestions of a general nature to inlingua, please feel free to speak with your center director or assistant director. In addition, feel free to commend staff, instructors and/or other students who have made your time at inlingua more enjoyable, productive or self-satisfying. You may also e-mail your comment to feedback@inlingua-if.com.

Submitting a formal written complaint

For matters of a serious nature (such as those relating to the health, safety and welfare of inlingua clients, instructors and staff; inappropriate conduct on the part of another client, an instructor or a staff member; or any other matter of a serious nature that has not been resolved through the informal complaint process), a formal written complaint should be presented to the inlingua Head Office, located at 80 SW 8th, Suite 120, Miami, FL 33130. Formal written complaints may be submitted in person, by United States mail or by e-mail to feedback@inlingua-if.com.

When submitting a formal written complaint, please be sure to include your name, the inlingua center that you attend, and the date/location of the incident that has caused you concern. Please describe with as much detail as possible all information that is relevant to the issue(s) involved. Include the title “Formal Complaint” at the top of the document (or in the subject line if the formal complaint is submitted by e-mail). All formal written complaints will be reviewed and investigated by the inlingua Complaints Committee. Every effort will be made to address the complaint as quickly, professionally and fairly as possible, finding a solution that is agreeable to all involved.

A written response will be issued within ten (10) business days from the date received and delivered to the specific parties involved. Copies of formal written complaints and their solutions will be kept in inlingua’s permanent records and reviewed regularly for possible policy/procedure changes that should be considered.