Electives in English

The General Purpose Program Electives in English are specialized, individually-tailored, non-intensive language courses of typically short duration for students who need to develop or improve specific language skills for general, social, or academic purposes. Each elective course is customized for the specific proficiency level and learning needs of the student. Electives courses can be taken individually or as a supplement to other language courses. Electives in English are ungraded courses and are taught at the student’s current proficiency level.

Program Available in the Following Schools:

  • Miami (Brickell)
  • Aventura
  • Coral Gables
  • Doral
  • Weston
  • Boca Raton
  • Orlando
  • Tampa
  • Key Biscayne

Instruction for all inlingua test preparation programs is provided by TLG The Language Group, LLC.

Say it Right (English)

Average units: 25 units
This English course will give learners the necessary tools to understand and correctly use common English phrases and structures. Grammatical explanations are kept to a minimum so that learners can improve their skills through speaking and listening.

Introduction to Idioms (English)

Average units: 25 units
In this course, high frequency expressions and idioms (such as hold on a minute and wake up) are presented in meaningful contexts to develop speaking, listening, vocabulary building, and pronunciation skills.

Intermediate Idioms (English)

Average units: 25 units
This fun-filled English course will introduce learners to high-frequency American idioms. Activities include dialogues, pronunciation improvement, listening exercises, interactive discussions, and writing tasks.

Advanced Idioms (English)

Average units: 25 units
In this advanced-level English course, learners will recognize and produce about 200 high frequency idioms (such as I’ve got to hand it to you and To put one’s foot in one’s mouth) in ways that develop effective listening, speaking, and pronunciation skills. Learners will also be able to perceive nuances among different idiomatic expressions.

Accent Reduction (English)

Average units: 50 units
In this English course, students will learn to speak in a standard American accent through extensive pronunciation and intonation exercises. Listening comprehension skills will also improve dramatically. Special consideration will be given to the student’s native language so that his or her language-specific pronunciation difficulties may be addressed.